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What is Square? :

What is Stripe?:

In summary:
Square and Stripe are alternatives to paypal that are simply payment processors


Q: Do I need a square or stripe account in order to send money?

No you do not need a square or stripe account to send money. You only need a card or a Google pay account. Stripe and square work via direct invoicing. 


Q: Can you see my card information?

No. I cannot. 

Q: Does the card have to be a credit card?

No you are able to pay with a debit card, a gift card, a prepaid card, or you can link your PayPal to a Google pay account and pay a stripe invoice that way.

Q: What if I'm unable to pay via square or stripe due to a lack of availability in my country?

Again the option to link your PayPal account to a Google pay account should be available to you. However if not then my PayPal is available.

Q: Will there be any difference in time of completion for using PayPal versus square or stripe?

no. The estimated time of completion remains the same regardless of payment method. My estimated time of completion is generally two to three months or less.
With the exception of in-stream commissions that are completed generally within the same day or at least within the same week.

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