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My commissions are open by announcement ONLY 
The only exceptions would be industry opprotunities or work over $750

I am extremely fortunate to be booked/hired fairly often. Therefore I cannot be perpetually open. I operate this way to ensure that I am not overloaded and you are not waiting beyond the wait time listed within my TOS (linked on this website)

Please read the entire rest of this page for further info~

What does 'by announcement' mean?

By announcement means I will state via some means (either twitter post, FA journal, telegram post, etc) that I'm open. The post at that time will mention what i'm open for, how many slots are available, and the price at the time. 

I am otherwise 'closed'; as it would be far too much for me to take on to just be 'open' all the time. This method allows me to avoid backlogs and give clients reasonable completion times.

Commission announcements

There's a few options if you'd like to get commission announcements!

You can follow my telegram channel, twitter, or furaffinity account. 


YCH Commissions

YCH commissions are a specific type of commission where the sketch is already pre-drawn out and you bid for that piece to be completed featuring your character. 

I post those in various places but also i've specifically begun posting them on 

ych commisshes icon png .png

Commission Info

Please note that the following price guide provides a general starting point for prices. It is not an exact amount as prices can vary given a number of determining factors, such as complexity. 

This serves as a general idea of how much a person may want to save or have ready for when openings are announced.

Thank you so much for your interest! 

I encourage people to look through my galleries (Deviantart or Furaffinity) before making the active choice to attempt to commission me. I understand that some people will want to just commission me for my style but I do want to take this time to say that my style is not suited for every character. I also do have my own preferences so we may just not work well together and that's okay. I encourage people to reach out to the many other amazing artists in the community and online in general. 


With that being said I would say that my style is best suited for people with characters that would be considered edgy, dark, or punk/goth.


I am not the best artist if you have a character that is a dragon, sergal,  or a character that has multiple sets of limbs or heads. I encourage you to commission somebody else. 


Although you may have seen dragons in my gallery I will now likely politely decline commissions for dragons characters unless the design is fairly simple.  Unfortunately dragons are often quite complicated and people are not usually willing to pay for the extra time that a complicated character (Dragon or otherwise) takes. 

-Soft shaded busts and minimal shaded pieces are available via announcement* and stream commissions.  

-Detailed thigh ups are sometimes available via slots. 

-High detail full body/near full body are available via YCH only 

Prices are subject to change/increase as I continue to improve, any changes will be announced when that time comes. 

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