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  • What is your setup? / What tablet do you use?
    Tablet: Wacom intuos 4 medium Laptop: MSI ROG from Streaming software: OBS (Open broadcaster) Recording/editing software: Divinci Resolve
  • How long have you been drawing?
    Since 2011
  • Do you draw humans?
    Very rarely. I don't take commissions for human art.
  • Do you use references?
    Yes. References are extremely valuable and are not to be confused with tracing. It's absolutely okay and important to use references. They help you eventually be able to , if you choose , use less reference but still create something believable. Even then though it's good to often go back to studies/references.
  • Did you go to art school?
    yes and it is a huge regeret. To keep this from becoming an absolute novel I will say I wholly believe 'traditional' art school is a complete and utter waste of time. If you want to pursue art and feel you need that extra guidance consider certficate programs or online classes.
  • Do you offer mentorship/Lessons
    I offered them for a short time but due to very minimal interest I have since gotten rid of this option.
  • What cons do you go to?
    FWA is my main 'never miss is' con. Beyond that other cons are up in the air.
  • How often do you open?
    I generally open for about 10-15 slots a month.
  • How do you select people?
    It is more often than not first come first serve. I post the rules and that i'm open, people post accordingly. When it's full, the slots close. Rarely I will do things based on interest. When I -announce- that i'm open, I explain how everything will go at that time. Hence why I state things are by announcement.
  • Do you have a waiting list?
  • Can I pay to get on a waiting list?
    Not at this time
  • Can you look at my character ahead of time and tell me if you'd draw them?
    The amount of these request i'd have to respond to would leave me with very little time to work. My TOS (linked on this site under the 'Commission Info' section) , gives a pretty good idea of if your character will be accepted or not. I'm working on a more comprehensive way to answer this. I may add a 'Good with and not good with' section. Until then, please view any of my galleries and just use that as a guide.
  • I've read through your FAQ but I still have a question?
    Feel free to go to the contact page and fill out the form or @ me on twitter!
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