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"If only it didn't have or DID have ___This___"

                  I'm sure, that anyone reading this, that also follows another artist with a patreon, has probably read this one before....

"There's 9000 things I want to do but currently commissions take up all of my time"


                 Well, that's because for those of us that do commissions that's the truth! Commissions afford us the things we want and need but the double edged sword of that is, unless we're fortunate enough to make thousands off of only one or two pieces, it's usually what consumes most ( if not all ) of our working time. Leaving us with little time to work on anything else and commissions aren't great or easy for translating into other avenues for a number of reasons.

                 For me, and others like me, there's another big reason for wanting to have passive or near-passive income. It's honestly something every artist needs to be thinking about but even moreso artists with injuries, disabilities, or chronic pain.

My biggest fear is that one day, I won't be physically able to draw anymore.

                  This isn't mean to come off as 'sob story', it's just my reality (And the reality of some others as well. ). Due to a number of occurrences, I struggle with hand pain a lot. So it would be a huge impact on my life for my patreon to eventually be successful to where I don't have to rely on commission work as heavily.  But also because, 

I love the idea of making merchandise

I would want to see and wear! 

                   And hopefully that my supporters would want to see and wear too! Shirts are my biggest goal right now but also pins, stickers, etc.  

                  But merchandise isn't 'free' to make just because the design work is already taken care of as an artist. And also there's the cost of shipping and packaging for items that arent handled by a site such as 'redbubble' , where patreon funds would also help hugely with the costs of. 

                 You walk into a store and begin looking through the shirts. As you're sifting through them you finally find one! The one! That's the shirt you're going to buy! And then you pull it completely off the rack only to find it has some random color splash or other element that makes you hate it

I hope this helped to answer some curiosities as to what your support would mean to me as well as offer you! 

As time goes on and my patreon grows I'll be able to do and offer more! For now I have to start small so I'm not making any promises I can't keep! That's why i've set goals on my patreon page that you can view. 

I hope you consider becoming a member of my patreon. 

Miss the first sign up pop up? No worries you can use this one! 

Thanks for your support!

If you aren't quite ready to become a patron but you would like updates as to new tiers becoming available on my patreon as well as new reward/perk offers. 

You can sign up to my newsletter here! 

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