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Please Note!

Thank you so much for being interested in drawing art for me! Due to some previous issues I've now had to add this. 

Please understand that gift art is meant to be a gift. If your gift comes with conditions or expectations beyond just me being very grateful for it, then please do not draw me gift art. 

Demanding that I repost your art, retweet it, or use it as my profile picture immediately means there's 'conditions' to your "gift" which makes it not a gift.

It would be like gifting someone a sweater and then threatening to take it back if they don't wear it and post pictures of them wearing it. At that point it becomes transactional. 

If I see your gift art (I do try to respond to the best of my ability to things) , I will certainly thank you, but there is not promise that I will do any of the above. 

If that deters you from doing the gift art then please considering doing art for another artist or yourself instead. 

Thank you! 

First off I wanna say thank you so much for wanting to draw me giftart! 

I really only have one character I'm comfortable getting giftart of and that's my girl Dina right there. 

If you do decide to do giftart of her definitely tag me in it! but please make sure it is SFW!  and absolutely no adult situations with other characters!

As for my other characters I'm a little wierd about getting giftart of them. especially my actual fursona, so i'd prefer that you didn't. 

That's actually one of the main reasons I got Dina, was to give a character option I  was comfortable with anyone else drawing. 

And I will hopefully have one or two more characters in the future that I can add to this list! 

chomperbee adopt Dina wmd.jpg
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