"If I just had someone to teach me"

 First let me say. I absolutely get it. I've been there just as thousands of others. I mean heck, if we didn't feel that way a lot of schools would be out of business. 

Okay. Except highschools. We had no choice. And a lot of us didn't want to be there. Haha. 

What qualifies me to teach?

chibi kasha K mute fin  pen .png

So I'm guessing if you're here, you already likely have a feeling I have something to offer you. Because really that's what it boils down to.

I'm absolutely still learning. And I hope I continue to learn! But teaching doesn't mean you have to know -everything-, it just, hopefully means you know more on a topic than the 'student' in question. 

And I can safely say, I think I can do that. 

I've been at this whole 'putting lines and color on intangible paper and hoping people favorite it' thing since 2011. And I've been 96%, let's say,  'internet taught' (since 'self taught' causes an uproar)

To this :

I went from this:

Kira redraw fin wmd.jpg

And that's just my oldest to more recent. 

There were time's I'd make leaps in improvement in just a couple years. Like here.

Along the way I've definitely picked some things up.

Currently my only lessons are 'unlockable' on my patreon. 

What this means is that at certain goal points listed on my patreon, more tiers and rewards become available. Lessons and other learning options are among those as well 

Hour long one on one lessons + One private voice over drawing video, would be available at 50 dollars. (You would also, by being in this tier be able to purchase up to two additional calls for $35 for that same month ((Does not roll over)) )

One private voice over drawing video - $30

Redlines/Critiques on discord  -  $20

(( Keep in mind these tiers would also include other perks such as stickers and prints being mailed to you. )) 

While I definitely want to ask that you subscribe to my patreon to help unlock those perks, I understand entirely wanting to save the money until they ARE unlocked. 

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